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French Green Face Mask

French Green Face Mask

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Indulge in a skin refreshing face mask that nourishes the skin with nutrient-dense ingredients. Please choose from the following options:

French Green Clay Face Mask
INGREDIENTS: French Green Clay, White Kaolin Clay, Organic Matcha Powder & Organic Spirulina Powder.

Glass Container size is 4 ounces
  • Formula is Great for Oily Skin Types.
  • Spirulina protects our skin from free radical damage and boosts collagen production, making skin look firmer.
Pink Rose Clay Face Mask
INGREDIENTS: White Kaolin Clay, Rose Pink Clay & Orange Rosehip Powder
  • Formula is Great for Normal to Mature Skin Types
  • Rosehip brightens skin, soothes redness and irritation, fades dark spots and scars, calms acne, moisturizes skin.
Healing Clay Face Mask
INGREDIENTS: Rhassoul Clay, White Kaolin Clay, Organic Oatmeal & Organic Chamomile Flowers.
  • Formula is Great for Sensitive Skin Types
  • Chamomile accelerates cell and tissue renewal, reducing the appearance of fine lines and giving skin a youthful glow.

HOW TO APPLY: Simply mix 1 tablespoon of clay with 1-2 teaspoons of water, honey, yogurt or rose water solvent to make thick paste. Spread on face with clean hands working thoroughly into skin. Leave for 5 minutes and rinse.

**Following your Face Mask, apply our Liquid Glow Face Serum for radiant results!
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