Meet Kristen DeMattia

With over 20 years in the health and wellness industry, Kristen has dedicated her life to living as natural as possible. 

Beginning her health journey at 19, she fell in love with practicing yoga. "I started to notice a significant difference through movement and strength. I then became more intentional about the food I was ingesting and started healing my body through meditation." This passion for wellness quickly became a domino effect in every aspect of her life, especially when she had her kids. 

"These days it's almost impossible to find clean, pure, and nutrient dense ingredients for any person - adult or child." This is what led Kristen to the creation of Kris Organics, a skincare company with an emphasis on transparent ingredients and a true love for everything organic. 

"As a mother of two beautiful girls, I want to create and share only the best products for our skin, because what we put on our skin matters!" 

All our products are made by hand, by us, in small batches.

100% Family owned & operated.